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Old Warwickians

John Randall (WS 1944-52)

After Coten End School and Warwick School, John went to University College, Leicester (now Leicester University) taking a London External Degree in chemistry. In recent years he frequently visited fellow organist Anthony Randle when the latter became severely disabled. For some time he taught at Oken School, Warwick (now Myton School) and he also played the organ for several village churches in later life.

Inspired by the book “Warwick School: A History” (to which he made many valuable contributions) John wrote his own memoirs of his time at the school, calling them “Silence is Rank High Treason: Recollections of an Old Warwickian”.

He contributed a number of learned articles on parapsychology, and became a local champion of the under-privileged and the bereaved.

John Winterburn and Gervald Frykman