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Old Warwickians

Obituaries - 2018

We record with regret the passing of Old Warwickians and former staff mentioned below and pass on our sympathies to their families and friends. Obituaries of some are included in the annual Portcullis magazine.

Dennis E Ashbourne, WS 1944-46
John W Ayres, WS 1945-53
Lt Col James W Beachus, WS 1948-55
Geoffrey C Bodker, WS 1934-40
Kenneth J Breeze, WS 1950-57
Lawrence Brown, WS staff 1979-86
Richard H Budd, WS 1948-54
Prof Peter H Cox, WS 1946-55
Dr Arnold E Currall, WS 1936-42
Peter V David, WS 1947-51
Peter R Dixon, WS 1952-62
J K G Evans, WS 1943-50
Anthony R Harrison, WS 1938-45
John Francis Hitching, WS 1943-51
David S James, WS 1946-57
Alexander G (Sandy) Macrae, WS 1944-52
B J G (Jean) Maitland, WS Staff 1953-68
Brian R Mayo, WS 1941-45
Alistair Macleod-Urie, WS 1961-67
Ian G McBeath, WS 1946-55
John M Reardon, WS 1967-70
Michael G Smith, WS 1964-71
F John Woodward, WS 1945-53