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Old Warwickians

Mentoring Scheme

With so much uncertainty in the world it has never been more important to show support to our former pupils as they remain a lifelong part of our Warwick School and King's High communities.

The new Warwick and King's High Mentoring Scheme is proving very popular with our recent leavers. The Scheme connects our younger alumni, who are looking to gain more experience in work or study, with members of the wider Foundation community. This community includes parents and former pupils who are seasoned professionals, keen to provide opportunities for recent leavers to learn and develop skills. These skills can help them to embark or move forward in their careers. Mentoring links are made over a wide range of careers, including Law, the Civil Service, the Armed Forces, Architecture, Engineering, and Medical Sciences.

One of the first mentoring success stories matched Rudy Yuen (WS 2015-20), based in Hong Kong, with Greg Mann (WS 1998-2005).

Rudy says “Greg has been my mentor under the OW mentoring scheme since November 2020.  I am aspiring to be a researcher, and Greg has shared his hands-on experience being a researcher in the UK and also being a PhD student. He also shared the process of writing journal articles including some information that is not widely known.  The support has clarified my misunderstandings as a researcher and helped me to consolidate my passion to be a researcher.”

Greg Mann (WS 1998 – 2005) studied for a BSc in Chemistry and an MSc in Forensic Materials at Heriot-Watt University, before gaining a PhD in Chemical Engineering (Fuel Cells) at the University of Strathclyde.  He says “Since finishing my PhD I have worked at Johnson Test Papers Ltd, Birmingham, where I am Head of Research and Development. We develop and manufacture colorimetric test papers for the detection of water and air borne contaminants. My day to day responsibilities include development of new products, overseeing manufacture processes and Quality Control of everything that leaves the factory. Highlights have included the development of a medical device that is currently in use in the NHS. I believe that Warwick School probably uses some of our pH papers as they did when I was there!”

Another success story matched Amber Parr (KHS 2016-2020) with Duncan Gunn (WS 1978-85).

Amber says “The mentoring programme has been an incredibly valuable and inspiring opportunity, a private space where I can ask questions and advice from an expert in the field. As an architecture student, it has been great to get another perspective and recommendations for how to develop my skills, through regular one-to-one discussions over Zoom. As well as receiving advice and support, it has been motivating to learn of my mentor’s personal experiences, more about the industry and his design projects. I am so grateful for Duncan’s time and effort and having the chance to learn from a passionate and committed architect.”

Duncan says “I am passionate about sharing knowledge, especially with young people, and being offered to share my own knowledge and help young students was an honour. GUNN Associates allocates time for staff to mentor students and, in fact, one of our own young designers is progressing his education through an architectural apprenticeship. He shares his time between us and London South Bank University and will complete his apprenticeship as a registered architect. Currently, I am mentoring two former King's High students, at different points in their architectural education, both of whom are engaging, enthusiastic and focussed. We connect on a monthly basis and discuss their work, challenges and how to best move forwards. In the future we will be discussing the challenges in professional practice. I hope they find my input useful."

Thanks to all former pupils and parents who are already supporting this programme. If you would like to find out more about receiving mentoring support or becoming a mentor, please contact Mrs Sam Crane, Development Officer on