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Old Warwickians

The Master's Books of Warwick School, 1881-1906 and Man and Boy

Warwick School Archivist Gervald Frykman is delighted to have published two new books from the WS Archives. The Master's Books of Warwick School, 1881 – 1906 and Man and Boy are available to order now!

The Master's Books of Warwick School, 1881 - 1906
This is a juicy collection of the writings of all the headmasters, some good, some not quite so good, in the late Victorian era, and just going into the 20th century.  Notices to be read out, expulsions to be made, pleas for less noise to be made in the dining room, warnings not to upset sheep.  It's all there - how to run, or not run, a small-town grammar school 140 years ago.

Man and Boy
Twenty years ago Gervald was lucky enough to be sent the diaries of G. A. Riding, headmaster from 1928 to 1933.  The diaries covered the years 1927 to 1930, and feature, in amazing detail, how he tried to cope in the immediate aftermath of the Pyne era.  "A new broom sweeping clean" he certainly was, but his obsession with vice, and his own private life, are dealt with in great detail by combining the diaries with the recollections of a boy who was at the school at exactly the same time, Dennis Castle.  Dennis describes why Pyne left the school, how Mrs Riding got close to the senior prefect in the boarding house, why the school was over-run with rats, and how they were dealt with, and the two arson attacks of 1930.  There is much, much more.

These booklets are available in A4 (£12 each) or A5 size (£10 each).
If you would like to order any copies please complete this form clearly stating the title, size and address to which you would like the items posted (or they can, by prior arrangement, be collected from the Alumni Office at Warwick School. 

Book Size Price Post and packing
The Master's Books, A4 £12 £2.00
The Master's Books A5 £10 £1.50
Man and Boy A4 £12 £2.50
Man and Boy A5 £10 £2.00