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Old Warwickians

Winters past at Warwick School

Many OWs will remember the school outdoor pool freezing over. Skating on the frozen water was neither wise nor allowed.

The Master’s Books show the winter of 1890–1891 was unduly severe and many rivers, including the nearby Avon, froze over. Headmaster Rev J. P. Way, realising that the pupils of Warwick School would want to skate on the ice, urged caution:

“Boys are warned that though the ice is very thick and strong on certain parts of the river... in certain other places, the ice is thin and treacherous. There have been one or two fatal accidents in the holidays and, if I learn that boys are rash in going upon the dangerous parts, I shall be obliged to put the river out of bounds.

Boys are also reminded that in these sudden alternations of very extreme cold and warmer weather there is a great danger of taking bad chills. It is hoped therefore that they will take extra care not to stand in draughts, especially after exercise and to change wet clothes immediately.”