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Old Warwickians

Ian Haerle (WS 1945-54)

Ian Haerle (1936-2011)

Ian moved to Leamington with his family in 1941 and attended Southlands school prior to taking the common entrance exam and starting at Warwick school in 1945, where he stayed until 1954. He was a keen sportsman and played house and school football, rugby and tennis and was also school tennis captain. He was selected to sing for Warwick School Choir in 1948 and was a member of the school music society where he was a bass soloist in several productions.

After Warwick School, Ian went on National Service and after completion in 1956 he started at Birmingham University to study Chemical Engineering. It was here he met his future wife Patricia. Ian attended the May 2009 reunion and always talked of his happy times at Warwick school.

Ian died on March 30th 2011 from lymphoma and leaves behind Patricia, his four children and ten grandchildren.