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Old Warwickians

James Clive Stanton (WS 1956-60)

Clive Stanton died on 30 October 2009. A successful Warwickshire businessman, he was instrumental in starting clay pigeon shooting at the school in the 1980s. His son Wes (WS 1977–88) writes:

A few pupils had made up an informal team for the Eley / Smiths Gore Public Schools championship, and after organising non-school-sanctioned practice sessions, my father campaigned for (and won) official recognition of this sport by the school. In 1988, Warwick School won the championship with a score of 242ex-300 – a record which has stood since. He rather proudly described himself as the “first non-shooting secretary of the Warwickshire Clay Pigeon Shooting Association” , galvanising the local shooters into action by getting permission to get a mailing list of Warwickshire members from the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association, and organising an Extraordinary General Meeting when the Warwickshire county committee had become a victim of inertia. He then organised sponsorship, events and the county championships, to the benefit of clay pigeon shooters within Warwickshire and to the sport as a whole.

Though he was the kind of man to have derived some satisfaction simply from a job well done, he needn’t have gone to all the trouble – it didn’t benefit him personally in any way, save for perhaps giving him purpose in the clay pigeon shooting community over and beyond being “Wes’s Dad”. When questioned about what he was doing at a shoot, he’d typically remark “I am from the BBC” and, pointing at me on the range, would add, “Banker, Batman and Chauffeur to him”. He never did stop finding that joke amusing, though it took me until I was at least 30 years old to find it funny.

He is survived by his widow Cynthia, and two children, Wesley and Philippa.