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Old Warwickians

Types of giving

Warwick School aims to build a sustainable development programme that will provide long term support to the aims and goals of the school. There are three main ways that benefactors can donate to the school.

Regular giving – Each year, members of the Warwick School community are invited to make a one-off or regular contribution to the bursary appeal. The collective gifts of supporters are combined to provide a significant annual revenue stream to make financial awards to deserving pupils, who otherwise would be unable to afford school fees.

All regular donations make a lasting impact on the school and its pupils, whether it is £10, £50, or £100 per month. For example, if 80 supporters make a gift of £10 per month to the bursary appeal, the school is able to award a full fee bursary to a deserving student for one academic year.

Legacy giving  – Leaving a legacy to Warwick School is one of the most significant ways to leave a lasting impact on the education of future generations of boys. A legacy gift creates a lasting testimony of your connection with the school and allows you to support the school financially is a way that you might not otherwise have been able to do.

We are hugely indebted to our supporters who have made a provision for the school in their Wills. All who advise us of their intention to support the school in this way are recognised as members of the Floreat Society, which exists to thank legacy supporters and keep them in touch with the school, should they wish to do so. The group is invited to meet together at the school once a year and members are given a Floreat Society tie, specially created to acknowledge support.

Major Giving – A major gift is a donation of £10,000 or more made by an individual, group, foundation or corporation in support of a specific area. Major gifts are often bespoke arrangements between the donor and school and can come in many forms. They are often pledged over a number of years to be most convenient to the donor.

In recent years, major gifts to Warwick School have taken the form of full fee bursary sponsorship to pay for a pupil from a deserving background to attend the school or major sponsorship of spaces within buildings such as the new Warwick Hall.