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Old Warwickians

The Thornton Podcast

The Thornton Podcast is a wonderful new series, exploring the personalities and memorable moments of teachers at Warwick School. In this new podcast series Mathematics teacher and Head of Tudor House Ed Leaf meets with different teachers, past and present, who are widely held in great esteem and who offer some fascinating insights into their careers and experiences at Warwick School.  

The Thornton Podcast is named after Ralph Thornton who passed away in January 2024. Ed had planned to interview Ralph as part of the podcast series and, before his death, Ralph gave his blessing to name the podcast after him and he was looking forward to being interviewed.  The first episode was recorded before Ralph’s death. Ed hopes to produce a special edition of this podcast in the future about Ralph, with some of his former colleagues.

Series 1, Episode 1, John Jefferies, WS Staff 1995-
JJ talks about his deep love of history and politics with special insights on some of his 'Encounters' and what makes a great teacher.



Series 1, Episode 2, Martin Green, WS Staff 1970-2005
'Martin reflects on his 35 years as a teacher at Warwick School and the establishment of Economics as a Sixth Form subject, whilst simultaneously following a rugby coaching career

Series 1, Episode 3, Robert Hudson, WS  Staff 1972-2017
Coming soon!