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Old Warwickians

2008, OW Rugby

OW Rugby 2008

Michael Stevens provides the following report on the 2008 OW rugby match:

It was Saturday 6th September, the date of the annual OW rugby match and, for some of those warming up, it was the first time they had undertaken sport since the summer examinations.

But the rest proved ample preparation. As Will Greenwood wrote before the Heroes' game,"slowly, things began to make more sense" and we "began to feel more at home".

The Barbarian lineup had varied ages, club socks and fitness levels and provided some entertaining rugby on what was a typical rugby day. But, the conditions never dampened the spirits, and some bright passages of play saw the older old boys defeat the new old boys, with rugby even the hardest New Zealander may have smiled at. The day’s greatest battle though was between the opposing Wombwell-Povey brothers, an enjoyable subtext to an event which managed to spark many conversations about a school which still generates such happy memories.

The final score: 38-19 to the older old boys.

Teams (from left to right): Back: Max Wombwell-Povey, David Askew, Mike Hazleton, David Gough, Will Turner, William Wilson, Jonathan Cox, Bruce Storey, Tom Grimes, Jamie Collins, Ed Gillespie, Josh Greig, James Brown, Jake Wombwell-Povey, Michael Stevens, Phil Darby, Chris Kroeger, Charlie Hayter. Front: Will Vaughan, Richard Wilson, David Johnston, Adam Clifford, Ryan McCrickerd, Chris Hazell, Freddie Dixon, Will Ward-Jones.