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Old Warwickians

OW Badminton

OW BadmintonThe OW badminton club was set up in the late 1970s by Stuart Thomas, Nick Williams, Clive James, Malcolm Lines and Andy Dunnell and they entered a team in the Coventry League.  These players remained the mainstay of the club for the next 25 years with the occasional outsider boosting the ranks.

In recent years the majority of these founder members left the sport through either injury, work commitments or the lure of other sports, to the extent that Andy was the sole representative of the original club. By this time Chris Osborne, discovering the club as a player with another Coventry league side, had switched allegiance to support his old school side. The loss of players had taken its toll and the name of OWBC no longer featured in the league. The 2008 season saw a rebirth of the club. As a qualified coach, Chris brought in two promising young players who had become too old for his junior coaching club and when Hatton was to pull out of the league through a similar lack of members, Chris snapped up their four remaining players. Rising like a phoenix, the name of Old Warwickians BC lives on, although there are only the two genuine old boys still playing. This has also meant that OWs have struggled to get a bona fide team together to play the once traditional annual fixture against School.

If there are any OWs living locally interested in playing badminton, please contact Chris on Chris says, “While members of the club might not be able to match the World record shuttle speed of 207mph (check in the Guinness Book of Records those who doubt this!) - we still play hard enough to work up a thirst after club nights, so we retire to a local tavern for medicinal purposes.”

Chris reports that the 2009 badminton league season finished in March, with the Old Warwickian team having had a relatively successful campaign. “We won 10 of our 14 matches and were the only team to beat the divisional winners. We finished third in the division and are waiting to see if we've done enough for promotion. We're still looking for a few more players to bolster the squad - genuine ex pupils or their sons will be most welcome. We'd also be happy to take on a couple of sixth formers who want to progress in the sport.”