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Old Warwickians

Warwick School in 110 objects

Warwick School in 110 objects is an online museum which was first created to mark Warwick School’s 1,100th anniversary in 2014. The museum is inspired by the History of the World in 100 Objects, a series of talks on BBC Radio 4 which were based on artefacts in the British Museum.

This online museum explores different facets of Warwick School through 110 items. Each object, artefact or memento tells a different story, reflecting something of the life and history of the school. Objects were nominated by current boys, staff, old boys and members of the wider school community. A number of the objects are on display in the school museum and many can be seen around the school today.

October 2020 update
It is now six years since the museum went live and, since then, much has happened at Warwick School.
99 of our original objects are viewable here.  New exhibits will be uploaded soon.