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Old Warwickians

2009, 1969 Anniversary

Class of 1969 with the Head Master
Graham Powell (WS 1962-69), organiser of the 1969 reunion, reports here on a very enjoyable weekend.

With much trepidation, forty former students whom had attended the school between 1962 and 1969 revisited Warwick for a 'Forty Year On' Reunion on 20 June 2009. Our doubts and concerns soon evaporated once our 58 year old selves realized that we were still 18 years old at heart. The ease with which conversation flowed around past recollections, intervening triumphs and tribulations and future hopes, indicated just how much warmth and fellow feeling the group felt for each other. Many had travelled a good distance to be present: Rhod McNeill from Japan and Alec Davis from Kenya having come the farthest. Attendance by four former teachers - Ken Freeborn, Geoff Lane, Roger Mitchell and Mervyn Riches - added a welcome further dimension to the day.

The weekend included a most interesting visit and tour of the school. It was difficult to remember exactly where some of the familiar buildings of the 1960s had been and it was astonishing to see just how well resourced the school has become. Afternoon tea with the headmaster - overseen by the portrait of our former headmaster - with a cricket match in the background reminded the group of those things that don't change. Regular and restrained imbibitions - as befits our age - enabled more reminiscences to flow through the evening that culminated in a dinner at The Lord Leycester Hotel. Donald Agnew provided a perfectly judged after dinner speech to which Ken Freeborn responded with words that genuinely moved his audience. Michael Poultney led us in a rendition of the school song, which we all thought we had erased from our memory banks.

And so we returned to the lives we lead with promises to keep in touch and do it again one day. We will try not to leave it another forty years. Altiora Peto.

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David Shakespeare and Peter Jinman

Chris Goodman,Alastair Findlay,Nigel Burton,Tim Shenton-Taylor

Anniversary Reunions
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