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Old Warwickians

Warwickshire's Industrial Heritage and Warwick School

A Zoom lecture from Martin Green, WS staff 1970-2005
Thursday 18 March 2021

Many Old Warwickians will be familiar with Martin Green's economics teaching or his rugby coaching, but fewer will know about his abiding interest in the country's industrial heritage, particularly that of his native Warwickshire.

In this fascinating lecture, attended by 175 OWs from across the globe and decades, Martin shared his enthusiasm, and highlighted some important connections of the school to the industrial heritage of the county, including the 32-year connection as venue for the monthly meetings of the Warwickshire Industrial Archaeology Society.

His liberally-illustrated talk was a fascinating evening and offered a wonderful opportunity for OWs to reconnect with each other, with Martin and with the school.
Watch a recording of the lecture here.