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Old Warwickians

2011, OWA AGM


The OWA AGM took place on 3 December 2011. Reports were received from the Chairman, Treasurer, Alumni Officer and OW Properties and Old Warwickian Trust.

At the OWA AGM 2010 a resolution was approved to set up a Trust or Charity for the purpose of making grants to Warwick School for bursaries or capital projects. Subsequently, a private limited company, Old Warwickian Trust, was incorporated under the companies act in January 2011. In June 2011 Old Warwickian Trust was entered in the Register of Charities. In September 2011 an EGM of Old Warwickian Properties Ltd approved the transfer of its assets to Old Warwickian Trust and authorized the Directors to wind up the company. As a result, the property assets, namely 3 Church Street and the Sports Ground, were transferred to the Trust at the end of September. Final accounts of OWP and the winding up process are well advanced and, at the conclusion, will result in a final cash gift to the Trust.

The inaugural Trustees of Old Warwickian Trust – R Thornton, G Thorpe, C Mason, J Meredith, N Robinson, the Head Master, Chairman OWA (R Dixon) and Governor (D Stevens) held their first meeting in October 2011. The Trustees will give an annual report to the OWA at the AGM.

The following OWs were nominated onto the committee for 2012:
Chairman - Roy Dixon.
Treasurer - Jonathan Meredith.
Head Master - E B Halse.
President - Gavin Neath CBE.
President Elect - Maj Gen Mike Huntley CB.