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Old Warwickians

2014, OWA AGM

The Halse Pavilion, Warwick School 

The 2014 OWA AGM took place before the Annual Dinner on 29 November. Reports were received from the Chairman, Treasurer and Alumni Officer. The President Sir David Foskett was thanked for his tremendous support for the OWA during its anniversary year. The Committee were praised for their ongoing leadership and Anne Douglas was thanked for her continued work for the OWA. 

The Committee are reviewing the OWA Rules, last amended December 2009, to reflect changes brought about by the transfer of responsibilities to Warwick School Foundation and the formation of the Old Warwickian Trust. The new Rules will be put to members at an Extraordinary General Meeting on Monday 9 March in the Portcullis Room at School at 19.00. A copy of the draft new Rules are available from Anne Douglas (

Old Warwickian Trust
At the OWA AGM Clive Mason, Old Warwickian Trust Chairman, reported that, with a couple of small exceptions, all OWA assets are now reflected in the accounts of the Trust. There are now two boys on 100% OWT bursaries and the Headmaster is very pleased with their progress. The Trust should be in a position to offer another 100% bursary, or its equivalent, in 2015.

Last year Geoff Thorpe stood down from the OWT Committee and was replaced by Simon Hain. Clive Mason gave notice of his resignation as chairman and trustee to be effective from 29th November 2014. Richard Thornton to become Chairman. Charles Heaton to become Trustee December 2014.

The new trustees were warmly welcomed and sincere thanks were extended to Geoff and Clive. Clive said “It is 50 years since I first sat on the OWA Committee so I am long overdue my retirement. A lot has happened in that time. The two periods that gave me most enjoyment were firstly the 1960s and ‘70s, when the Rugby Club was at its best and headquartered at the Portcullis Club, and secondly, the last few years with the formation of the OWT.  It is wonderful to give talented young boys from less affluent homes the chance to go to this great School, in the same way that many of us were fortunate to do.”

OWA Committee 2015
President - Michael Harwood
Chairman - Roy Dixon
Treasurer - Jonathan Meredith
Head Master - Gus Lock
The committee retained the option to co-opt.

President Elect 2015 (to be President 2016)
Nigel Brown OBE.