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Old Warwickians

2019 Events

Don’t look back and wonder
I had thought that the past was best left alone until that evening ten or more years ago when, after a most pleasant dinner and a couple of frames of snooker, my old school-friend, Richard and I realised that we were on the verge of being 40 years on from our student days at Warwick School. We knew not what had become of any of our contemporaries. And there we might have left it until curiosity got the better of us.

Six months later and with much trepidation fifty of the class of ’69 assembled, with some of our former (not old) teachers. Many of us were wondering how we’d let this happen and if it would have been better to let sleeping dogs lie.

In the event, initial awkwardness having passed, we discovered that forty years was no time at all and that what we had once shared and things we value and have in common, are far greater than what we’d missed in the meantime. 

Ten years on, we’re about to do it again. Some of us have kept in touch over the last decade and remade old friendships - and some new ones. All of us are looking forward to gathering one more time. We know that we are blessed in many ways. We recollect those lost along the way and value the opportunities we have had as we approach our threescore and ten.

On another day, like many of those who read this, I might have said ‘No thanks’ but the reunion we had and those meetings we’ve had since have been a source of great pleasure and reassurance. What chance 60 years on? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
Graham Powell, WS 1962-69

2019 events
2019 OW Hong Kong Dinner (this event was cancelled)
2019 OW Medics Dinner
2019 OW London Reunion
2019 OWA Annual Dinner
2019 OWA AGM