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With thanks to former Head of English Dr Scott Wilson (WS Staff 1979-2010) who kindly penned these thoughts on OW reunions.

Why come to an OW Reunion?
When an OW receives an invitation to a Warwick School reunion, there must be many, varied reactions: curiosity; enthusiasm; nostalgia; apprehension perhaps since not all memories of school are good ones. At times, the treatment and discipline of boys was markedly different to Warwick School today. Remember, too, those lessons on calculus. Did I really have to swim in that outdoor pool? And whatever loosened those once-so-strong ties of friendship?

Yet, if your busy life permits, you should come to at least one reunion. Why? Well, many OWs say the experience is often invigorating. Rather like being on a toboggan that is about to enter a banked curve just a little too fast. Some faces are a blur; others are, happily, instantly familiar.

The passing of time seems altered. As you meet with former classmates, the present disappears, and a more intense, shared past envelops you. Your perspective shifts. Can that figure over there really be Mr Hudson?  And where have they hidden the Guy Nelson Hall?

Self-awareness often deepens as, with conversation and recollection, you realise how parts of you (and others) stay the same, while new talents, skills, relationships and achievements have shaped the person you now are.

Our reunions are emphatically not “networking opportunities” nor the educational equivalent of “cold-calling”. Instead, they offer a chance to gather afresh with those who were a significant part of your life in surroundings which, we believe, will be welcoming, reassuring and, yes, invigorating.

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Want to organise and event or reunion?
If you’d like help in organising an OW event or reunion, please contact Anne Douglas in Alumni Relations at Warwick School. E-mail: Tel: 01926 776404.

Reunion images
Take a look at images from recent events, including the President's Dinners, the London Reunion and the Decade and Anniversary Reunions.